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State of the Blog – 2014-11-04

I think I’m going to make updates every once in a while regarding the blog in general in the form of “State of the Blog” posts!

First of all, I’m happy I’m actually able to keep up with my weekly updates on Saturdays.
Got most of the layout and contents up, and the rest will be coming soon!
We’ve also got new partners, new comics and stories, and some future plans for the blog!

I’m also very open for suggestions and/or requests to improve the blog as well as possible contributions. If you’re interested, feel free to post a comment below or to contact me by any means!

New Partners!

First and foremost, I’d like to give a shout out to the new members of the site staff:

RJCalasara: A rl friend of mine who will be contributing some posts about food and travel, as well as other things of relevant topics!

136h13: Also a rl friend of mine who will be contributing reviews and posts related to Animé, Games, and more! We’re also collaborating on a pilot game project which we will reveal soon-ish!

Pizaru-Chu: An artist, writer, and composer introduced to me by Auw who has agreed to post his graphic story (see below) here on the site! Seriously, this guy’s versatility amaze me!

BuizelCream: an artist I met on deviantART who happened to live at the same country as I do, although I’ve never met him irl yet since we live far apart. He’s agreed to post his comics (also see below) up on the site!

Welcome aboard, guys!

New Comics/Stories!

New works have been added to the site which can be viewed at our Comics and Stories page!

Lightning Rider
Lightning Rider

by BuizelCream
Scheduled updates on Mondays!
Tales of Rikuun
Tales of Rikuun

by Pizaru-Chu
Scheduled updates on Fridays!

What Next?

We’re Hiring Inviting! — I’m hoping to invite more friends, artists, writers, and more to join us and help keep the blog active! There’s not really some big commitment to post or any of the sort once you join us, just post something whenever you’re most convenient or a topic pops up in your mind!

Site Staff Page — I’m also going to make a separate profile page for the site staff and contributors sometime soon!

Affiliations? — I’m looking into starting an affiliate program again. Meaning you post a link to our site on your site and we’ll do the same! The thing is, this site is going to have a very broad range of topics from food, travel, gaming, Animé, and anything underneath! So I’m not sure how that will work out yet.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to report on for now. Until the next update, stay tuned!