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Venesque City: Day 1-3

Venesque City: Day 1-3

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The 3rd Library of Lmennici was one of the largest libraries Remias had ever seen.

After walking through the doors, the duo were greeted with an enormous panorama of the common room. Below them were two floors connected by ramps that led down to the ground floor where the main library was. On the second floor above that was a space where a petit café offered its services. A large group of scattered people were sitting at tables placed about reading books, newspapers and whatever other reading material interested them. Others were lazing about enjoying the quiet the library brought. There were also some wily kids running around the overhangs on the other side of the room.

Remias and Pizaru descended the nearby ramp.

“Remember Pizaru,” Remias started, “You need to be quiet while we’re in here. None of the usual hyper activeness, right?”

Pizaru floated along with Remias, sparks passing between his head-prongs as he thought.

“Pizaru?” Remias asked, stopping her descent at the middle floor.

Pizaru, unaware that she’d stopped, kept floating forward without her, until he hit a railing. Some people nearby stifled giggles as he fell back onto the floor.

“Uhh, yeah! I’ll be quiet.” He said softly. Remias walked over and helped him up before moving toward the second ramp.

“Thinking about what books you’re going to look at huh?” Remias mused as she ambled alongside the railing.

“Yeah. How’d you know?” Pizaru asked, now more aware of his surroundings.

“I’m thinking the same thing.”

Remias turned toward the shelves around the room filled with small and large books alike.

“I’m going to ask the head librarian if there’s some books I might be able to access as special research,” Remias said still scanning the room, noting how big it actually was, “…we might have to spend some time looking around though.”

“Maybe we can ask some of the people who work here?” Pizaru suggested.

“Well, let’s check the front desk first.”

As they reached the ground floor, Remias immediately turned to the direction of the front desk, briskly making a beeline towards as best she could without bumping into anyone. At the same time however, Pizaru saw an unoccupied staff worker walking around somewhat aimlessly. With a grin on his face, he quickly ran in a direction opposite.

He wasn’t very graceful about it, regularly bumping into people as he went, with only a short “Sorry!” to show for it. Eventually he caught up to the staff worker.

“Heeey! Can I ask you a qu-” was all he got to say before he was shushed by all the surrounding people trying to focus on their reading. Pizaru flinched.

“…sorry.” He said quietly as he turned back to the kaorishe worker who looked somewhat confused.

“Umm… can I help you?” She asked. She was a small kaorishe who’s fur was a vibrant spectrum of colors between red and violet, from her head to her curly tail. She had a long braided fur emanated from the back of her head that was long enough to touch the ground. She wore cuffs around her front paws and ear-hands that were standard for the workers here, eahc with a sing purple button keeping them from falling off. She fiddled with a plus-sized pencil with her right ear-appendage as she waited for an answer.

“Do you know where the head librarian is?” Pizaru said, his ears awkwardly shifting. “Me and my friend need to ask some important questions.”

The kaorishe frowned a little as she put her free ear-hand on her side. “Sorry, I don’t think I can do that. The head librarian is really busy with things.” She said.

Pizaru’s shoulders slumped. “Are you sure?” he pleaded, “My human friend would really appreciate it…!”

Suddenly the kaorishe perked up. “A human…?” she squeaked.

“Yeah, she’s looking for some special books.. I think.” Pizaru put his hand on his chin. “I wasn’t paying that much attention…”

The kaorishe grabbed Pizaru’s hand. “Well what are we waiting for?” She said excitedly, tugging at him to come along. “Let’s go, lets go-“

“SHHH!” the people around them said once more.

“…sorry.” She whispered.


Pizaru and the kaorishe navigated back to the front desk, with the kaorishe haphazardly dragging Pizaru along the path. He’d started floating half-way there in an attempt to avoid scorching his feet on the carpet. Pizaru realized as they neared the counter, that Remias was no where to be seen.

“Okay so, wait here while I get her.” She said letting go of the tornitrus-bound aeon. He floated a little bit away from her.

“I might be a little while. She’s usually very… focused on her work,” She said cryptically, disappearing into the staff area beside the desk.

And so Pizaru waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

“Oh there you are,” a voice said behind him. Pizaru, who had almost dozed of beside the desk while he was waiting, turned his head slowly toward the voice. He perked up instantly when he saw who it was.

“Remias!” Pizaru cried.

“I figured you’d gone off somewhere,” Remias said, carrying a large basket full of books in one of her hands, “You didn’t get into any trouble did you?”

“Nope! In fact,” Pizaru started, hopping on top of the desk, “I got someone to get the head librarian person.”

There was a pause, as Pizaru, and soon after Remias, stared at the door.

“…At least I’m pretty sure I did.” He said.

“Well, someone has got to come around eventually,” She said as she put the basket down on the desk.

“Maybe I should get someone else,” Pizaru suggested.

“Maybe. It is pretty busy…” Remias leaned against the desk. “Let’s wait a little bit longer just in case. We’ve got time.”

They didn’t have to wait for very long. Suddenly, the double doors besides the counter opened up as the kaorishe from earlier walked through. She was followed by another, much larger, tired looking kaorishe.

This kaorishe was much older, sporting a spectrum of unsaturated blue colors making up her fur. She was wearing a coat with it’s sleeves rolled up, with a bright red collar and equally color saturated pockets. Clumps of fur on her long tail slowly shifted about as if they were barely effected by gravity. Her crimson eyes, which had light circles under it, showed an irritated seriousness.

“Precarious, I thought I told you not to wake me up for anything,” She said in a stern tone, “Especially not after what happened the last time you told me there was a human in the library. And this time with an Aeon at that!”

“But Llexiouuusss…!”whined the smaller kaorishe, Precarious, “You also said that if I let one slip away you would really let me have it…”

“For both our sakes, I hope you’re right this time,” Llexious said, before she turned around and directly faced Remias and Pizaru.

“…oh my.” Llexious said softly.

“Ah, finally,” Remias said contented.

“Oh man…!” Pizaru said excitedly.

“You’re not allowed on the desk.”

Everyone looked at Precarious. “Well he isn’t!” she insisted.

“Pizaru.” Remias said expectantly. Pizaru jumped off the counter.

“Precarious, please take this human’s aeon companion to another place.” She said, pointing one of her ear-hands to a certain spot, ” I recommend the mythessence section.”

“Will do!” Precarious exclaimed as she grabbed Pizaru’s hand once more.

“Hey wait-!” He said before getting dragged away again.

“Well then, I suppose you are a human, are you not?” Llexious queried.

“Yes I am, and I would like to know if I could borrow any special media.”

Remias reached into one of her pockets and pulled out a somewhat small electronic device which produced an image of Remias’ ID on it’s screen after a few button presses. On it listed her name, age, and various other information about her, but most importantly her credentials for accessing any privileged information. Remias moved toward Llexious to show her, but before she got too close, the device slipped from her hand and began to float toward the older kaorishe. With one of ear hands faintly glowing with channeled Gravity mythessence, she kept the device hovering in place as she examined the information it held. After she was done, she gently pushed it back to Remias, who stored it back in her pocket immediately.

“Wonderful! It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen anyone from Makabelle visit,” She said as the usual serious expression on her grey muzzle changed into something softer, “I hope that you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far of Emytheral.”

“It’s been a nice time.” She said with a smile, ” I can tell you more if you like. You certainly sound like someone who knows a lot out the locale in any case.”

“I happen to know quite a lot about it yes. But before that, I’d like to make a request of my own”

“Ah, and what’s that?”

“Let us get some coffee. I won’t make it through the day without it.”


Much time passed after Remias and Llexious stopped by the café to get a cup of coffee. Remias had sprung for a cup of tea instead, insisting that coffee wasn’t her thing. Afterwards, Llexious had used her proficiency with Spacium mythessence to generate a portal to retrieve the special library cards from were stored. It was quite a sight for Remias, who had never seen anyone channel Spacium in person. They’d spent the rest of the day together in isles, sharing insight about the continent of Emytheral, and searching for books Remias could add to the basket she had. Eventually, as the sun started setting, Llexious couldn’t postpone her sleep any longer and promptly disappeared back behind the doors beside the main desk, but not before checking out Remias’s books and wishing her well on her journey.

As Remias collected the books into a bag, she wondered where Pizaru had been.

Although it was getting late, the library was able to stay open far into the night. Even so, it was far less busy than it had been when they first arrived. Remias figured it would be easier to spot him, or at easier for him to wander back toward the main desk.

Remias waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Until the smaller sunset-hued kaorishe finally came around, though without Pizaru in tow. Her fur was standing up on it’s end, and she looked quite miffed about it.

“Hello again!” Remias greeted as she walked by.

“Oh yes, hello!” Precarious greeted back, trying to hide her annoyance cause by her fur, “Did you get everything you needed?”

“Yes I have. Thank you for your help.”

“No problem!” Now if you excuse me…” She said opening the doors to the room behind Remias, “I had to go de-electrify my fur. I forgot how easily it catches excess static…”

“Has something happen with Pizaru?” Remias asked.

“Not really. I should have expected it after hanging out with something practically made of electricity,” she said with the tiniest bit of tension in her voice, “Don’t worry, I’m fine, really!”

Remias could tell quite easily that Precarious was not ‘fine’, but said nothing anyway.

“Anyway, I guess I’ll see you again soon, maybe. Don’t loose any of those book okay?”

Remias chuckled. “Heh, I won’t.” She said.

After Precarious exited the room, Pizaru came by not to long after holding onto two or three books of his own. As he moved up to the desk, Remias focus her attention on him, raising her eye brow just a little bit.

“I heard you had a little static mishap,” she said jokingly.

Pizaru blushed. “I guess we got a little too excited reading books…” he said, embarrassed.

Remias slung one of the bags of books over her shoulder.

“Well, it’s getting late, we’d best be going.”

“Oh wait!” Pizaru said, pushing the books he had onto the counter. “Can I get these please?”

“Pizaru you don’t have a library card.” Remias said.

“…oh right…” Pizaru said dejectedly, beginning to collect the books to return them to where he found them.

“Now now,” Remias said, taking out her own special card, “I never said you had to put them back.”

Pizaru suddenly became very happy.

“Ah wow, thanks so much Remias!” he exclaimed.

After they finished ringing up Pizaru’s books, the finally started heading for the exit.

“…You know, you really need to get that Tornitrus mythe under more control.” Remias said off hand.

Pizaru hung his head. “I know…”

“At least the worst thing that happens is a severe case of static electricity,” Remias laughed.

Pizaru lifted his head and giggled along with Remias as they walked out the door.