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Venesque City: Day 2-3

Venesque City: Day 2-3

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It had been a long time since Pizaru split up from Remias. He had to have wandered the entire city, jotting down things that caught his eye on his map. Pizaru figured that he would return to the hotel soon, considering how late it had gotten. Not to mention that the sky was filling with rain clouds as the day went on, and Pizaru wanted to be back in the hotel before the rain actually fell. But before that, there was one more place he had to visit.

Near the center of the city was a tall building with a smooth dome ceiling bearing a Stella design on it.  There was a hole with the end of large telescope passing through it, pointing right at where the moons would be. He’d seen it a few times while walking around, and had even approached it once, but the facility had been closed during the day.  Now he’d finally get to see what it actually was.  He hoped it was late enough anyway.

Getting up to it was a hassle though, one Pizaru wasn’t too keen on repeating. The actual entrance to the building was high above the ground, and so in order to get to it, he had to climb a seemingly endless amount of ramps and stairs. If there was an elevator around, he sure hadn’t seen it. Luckily for Pizaru, his inherent ability to float made the process much more bearable.

Eventually he reached the top, and stood before the door.  It was an unusual door;  one with a smaller door, which just a little taller than he was, built into the bottom. The place was probably optimized for smaller races like himself.

Ahh finally…!  How do they expect people to get up here. Especially if they’re as small as I think they’re going to be, he thought, taking out the pencil Remias had given him, which on closer inspection has a shiny holographic pattern on it’s surface. He also unfurled the map from the hole in his ear.  With a few strokes, he noted down that the building only opened after dark (something he’d forgotten to earlier) while simultaneously walking toward the door. After finishing, he put the map back through the hole in his ear with one hand, and continuously twirled the shiny pencil with his other.

I hope it’s open now… I’d hate to have to wait even longer,  he thought hopefully, as he reached for the door nob. Twisting it, he moved his weight into the door.

It didn’t budge.

No matter how hard he pushed, nothing happened. He slumped down against the door, defeated.

“Beh!” He sighed, “I guess I have to wait.” And so, adamant about seeing what this place was, he sat there.

A whole five minutes passed before the small door suddenly opened, almost squishing the yellow and purple aeon.  In his shock, he dropped his pencil which clacked on the floor, almost rolling off the edge.

As he recovered, he got a good look at the rabbit-like entity who opened the door unscrupulously.  It was a small lumimi with little bucked teeth and messy light purple fur that had darker purple markings all over it; the markings themselves mostly shaped like diamonds and rings. Her long ears stuck out above her head, twitching slightly. The body-mythe that made up her horn and tail glowed with mystic ambience. She stared at Pizaru without saying a word, the wind softly ruffling her scarf which bore a stylized image of an observatory on it.

The two stood silently, waiting for each other to say something, before  Pizaru loosened himself and sighed.  He scratched the back of his head, looking away from the lumimi.

“Uhh… hey? Sorry about the door thing, uh…” He said, not knowing what to say.

He never had to finish his thought. As he looked back, the lumimi had snatched up the pencil that Pizaru had almost forgot about.

“Luminkeau!” She  squeaked as she turned tail and escaped back into the door.

“H-hey!” He said, automatically chasing after the lumimi as she retreated.  Pizaru slipped inside after her just as the door closed.

The violet lumimi darted through the hallways, with Pizaru not too far behind. Before long, they emerged into a huge three tiered room with a curved roof. The walls were a deep shade of blue with various constellations painted on them and the floors were covered with carpets of  lighter blue shade with even more constellation patterns woven into them.  Throughout the floors were various displays of space phenomenon, as well as a ring of smaller telescopes on the edges of the third floor. On the center of a platform third floor, separated from the rest of floor by nothing but a small bridge, was a gigantic telescope  positioned so that its end hung just outside the building.

The lumimi took a quick route through the floors that led straight  to the large telescope, where another larger lumimi was calibrating it for the night’s service. A bunch of tools were floating around him, being kept up by his Psychic mythe.

He was a lot larger than the violet lumimi  to which he was related.  He had orange fur, with particularly long strands of fur emanating from the back of his head. The fur adorned with magenta colored shapes that looked like six sided stars. His long ear that feel behind his back ended with this same shape.  He wore the same scarf that his sister wore, as well as a set of lensless goggles, a tool used for an another unrelated activity.  His body-mythessence was particularly curly, with bits of it floating freely around his tail. It pulsated with light and color frequently as he used his psychic mythe to manipulate the positions of the tools.

The violet lumimi slowed down as she approached the orange lumimi’s back.

“Ake, ondedu din vuun en beami.” He said, lightly tapping on the telescope with his paw in satisfaction.

After closing the opening to the part of the telescope he was working on, he put his tools back in their case and prepared to return them to the storage room.  However, as soon as he turned around, he bumped right into the violet lumimi, causing them both to fall to the ground. The tool box, which was floating above the gap in the floor,  plummeted straight to the bottom.

A loud bang echoed through the observatory as it collided with the floor.

“Maishi!” He cried loudly before picking himself up, as well as the other lumimi, Maishi, with his Phychic mythe.

“…Zoza Gyalu,” she squeaked, dropping the pencil she was holding in her mouth. It had a large groove from where she’d bitten down on it.  The larger lumimi, Gyalu, eyed the pencil with suspicion.

“Uu Maishi… ve mesyada hayan fyova meisu luminkeau liiei lua?”, Gyalu asked sternly, psychically levitating the pencil away from her.

“Aa,” she uttered bashfully.


Maishi turned around to face the new voice. Standing a few feet from the duo was non-other than an annoyed Pizaru, who had gotten somewhat lost before finding the two.

“Can I have that pencil back? It’s kind of important…!” He asked.

Gyalu looked on, before coming forward.

“Tse kyabe ean en sonazyen lua?” he said, motioning toward the floating pencil.

“Yeah…uh…” he  stammered, not expecting to hear the language Gyalu was speaking.

“A, gekibu fyova nan efayu.”

Gyalu pushed the pencil toward Pizaru, who grabbed it tightly in his hand.

“Thanks…!”Pizaru said, shuffling awkwardly where he stood. “…Hey, if its not to much trouble, can we not do the myuthika thing?”

Gyalu tilted his head.  “Eta eauralade fyova lii? Saikida hayan ia aks pekade aisu ean myuthika?”

Pizaru started sweating. “Yeah I know that, but I’d really rather just keep it to Rikuunae, if that’s alright…!”

The orange lumimi observed Pizaru, his horn softly pulsing with color.

“..Okay.” He said, submitting to  Pizaru’s request. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“I was just waiting for when this place opened up. For a long time too… Until she stole my pencil!” Pizaru said pointing at Maishi.

Gyalu sighed. “Maishi, say sorry,” he asked.

“S-sahree!” she said, awkwardly trying to speak rikuunae. It was very apparent to everyone that she wasn’t very fluent at all.

“It’s okay,” Pizaru said, “I’m inside now anyway.”

“Actually, the observatory doesn’t open for another few minutes. You didn’t even come in from the entrance!” Gyalu said.

“Are you serious,” Pizaru said, looking back to where he and Maishi had came from, “Where was that then?”

“The emergency exit.”

Pizaru stared at him… before slapping his face with his palm. “I can’t believe it…”

“Here, come with me and I’ll show you.” Gyall said, beginning to move toward the bottom floor to retrieve the tool box.  He waved Maishi along with as well.

“Well I might as well stick around…” Pizaru said joining Gyalu.

Gyalu, Maishi and Pizaru headed down the long paths of the observatory. Pizaru had taken interest in many of the displays they’d passed by, only to have his questions declined by Gyalu, who was just focusing on getting the toolbox.  At the same time, Maishi was slowly inching closer and closer to Pizaru, her eyes darting between his face and his shiny pencil. She could never get too close before Pizaru would suddenly change course to look at a new display, staying silent through the whole ordeal.

Finally they’d reached the bottom floor. Gyalu hopped to the tool box.

“Finally…” He said, levitating the box to his side.  “Yes yes, about that entrance… Maishi!”

Gyalu beckoned Maishi over to him and gave her a somewhat large key with a hole in the center of its head.  The key neatly slid around her horn.

“Take this aeon o-, er, what was you’re name again?”


“Yes, show Pizaru to the entrance, and unlock it while you’re there. I’ll be with you in a minute.” Gyalu said before hopping off to put away to tool box.

Maishi looked at Pizaru for a second, before suddenly going off to the door at a steady pace.  Pizaru jolted forward to catch up, caught off guard by the lumimi’s sudden movement.


“So…”Pizaru started, his head prongs passing Tornitrus mythe between each other as he tried to think of some small talk while they walked, “I guess you help run this place?”

Maishi nodded.

“What do you do?”

“Keeyu Meethay.” She responded.

Pizaru took a moment to processed her accent. “..Oh! Key mythesence! I guess you help keep stuff open and closed?”

Maishi nodded once again.

“Anything special you keep hidden away?”


Pizaru waited for some type of answer, but Maishi just continued to walk without facing him. He never got an answer for the whole rest of the walk. Pizaru wore an annoyed frown by the time they approached a metal door that was taller than they were.

It lacked a keyhole of any kind, with only a Key mythessence symbol at its center.

“So what now?” He said as Maishi shuffles around with the key in order to get it into position.

“Loox,” she said as she pointed the end of the key at the metal door.  Her mythe horn started glowing, and before long the key was also surrounded in a ball of violet light. The light began concentrating around the end of the key before shooting forward at the Key mythessence symbol on the door. The outlines of the symbol glowed momentarily before fading back to their original color.

And just like that, the door was unlocked.

“Wow.” Pizaru said opening the door to see if it actually was unlocked.  Behind the door was nothing special. Just a small hallway leading to a set of double doors on the other side. Pizaru noted how similar the design on the doors seemed.

“It looks like …An elevator?!” Pizaru whined still holding open the door, “I can’t believe it! All that time wasted…”

Pizaru kicked the door lightly in frustration. “Well, at least I know where to point Remias, I think…”

Closing the door somewhat loudly, he sighed. “I guess we head back to ah- …oh right, I never got his name. What was it again?”

He soon found out that there was no one around to answer his question. He’d been stymied for a second time in a row.

“…Man, she’s so weird.” Pizaru muttered to himself. He waited around for a while to see if she would return, leisurely floating in place while he waited.

I see what Remias was talking about before, I guess disappearing is annoying… He thought, She’s a lot better at it than me though. Maybe I should get some tips…!

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of foot steps coming toward him. However, instead of Maishi, like he was expecting, it was instead a lone Gyalu, having finished  putting away his things.

“Have you seen Maishi? She disappeared before I could ask her what your name was!” Pizaru said immediately, hoping a question of his would finally get answered after being denied for so long.

“Ah, how rude of me. My name is Gyalu, and Maishi is my sister.”

Gyalu adjusted his goggles. “Don’t worry about her by the way, she’s probably locking up the storage area right now.  Gyalu said nonchalantly, “That Key mythessence of hers is surprisingly versatile. She can made a door out of almost anything, as long as she has some kind of key with her!   I honestly don’t know where she goes half the time.”

“Uhuh…,” Pizaru said, contemplating the possibilities.

Gyalu stood on his hind legs shrugged. “Well it will be a little while before anyone comes, staff or patron. So you have the observatory to yourself for a bit.”

Pizaru floated over to him. “Is it usually this empty?” He asked as they started moving toward nowhere in specific.

“Only for the last week or so.  Ever since that Aqua-bound outlaw got spotted in Venesque, people have been afraid to go out at night. It isn’t very pleasant you know?”

The two approached a model of Rikuuns smaller moon Menulisc. Pizaru examined it’s rings as Gyalu continued.

“Despite that, we’ve still been getting a handful of individuals willing to visit.  The astrology reading has been really popular in particular…!”

Pizaru looked toward Gyalu. “Wow, there’ an outlaw running around Vene- wait a second.” Pizaru said, turning slowly to Gyalu.”…Astrology reading?” He said.

“Yeah, there’s a whole service where you give can give me your  birth date, and I look through my goggles through the main telescope  and ‘read the stars’ with my Stella mythe. It can tell a lot of things about your past and future.  It’s pretty interesting!”

“Yup, it sure sounds like it! But… I think I’ll pass for now.”

“Are you sure? An aeon’s astrological history would sure be a spectacle to witness.”

“No no, its pretty okay! I’m just not a fan of the stuff!” Pizaru said nervously, anxiously looking for something else to focus on.

Gyalu observed him closely.

“Enderada ia.” He said, suspicious of Pizaru’s reasons, “I’m sorry to have imposed.”

“It’s okay, really,” Pizaru said with a sigh of relief, “I’ll still stick around anyway. This stuff looks cool!”

“You do that. And please, if you want to know something, don’t hesitate to ask me!” Gyalu said,  letting go of his suspicious for the time being, and Pizaru darted to the next exhibit that caught his eye.